Name: Izaak

New generation Maverick, Izaak Brandt has shown great dedication to his various art forms, including Bboying, Fine art photography, putting a stamp on English and International territory with his original style and fluidity in Breaking. Unmistakable flow and his unique vocabulary has won him many titles within the UK and, through Europe. Still early in his Breaking career, Izaak is one to watch out for in the near future.

Available for:
» Corporate Events/promotion
» Music Videos
» Photography/fine art/commercial
» Videography
» Shows
» Commission
» Teaching
» Modelling

Battle Scores:
» 2015 B.Supreme 5vs5 Winner (UK)
» 2015 Rain Spring Jam (UK)
» 2014 Battle of the year (UK)
» 2014 Floor wars Denmark (UK)
» 2014 Beast Of the East (UK)

» 2015 BBC Young Dancer of The Year
» 2014 Breaking Convention (Promotional event)
» 2014 China Town Summer Festival