Name: Ash
Ash is a Londoner. He grew up where the compass points North and also where it points to the East. He began his dance career with various street dance styles, and in 2004 began b-boying. Ash became a first generation member of the Soul Mavericks crew when it formed in 2005.

His style is best described as "shape shifting".

Most memorable moments include:
- Being the first crew to bring breaking into the Royal Opera House - Covent Garden, London, UK.
- Fusing breaking with ballet in the Ballet Boyz cutting-edge interpretation of Stravinky's "Rite of Spring" for BBC3 Television.
- Being the only breaking crew to perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony.
- Performing in Andre Hellers Cirque Du Soleil - "Afrika! Afrika!".

Available for:
» shows
» workshop/masterclass
» music videos
» corporate promotion
» commercial shoots
» modelling

Battle Scores:
» 2015 B.Supreme 5vs5 Winner (UK)
» 2012 IBE European Championships Final(Netherlands)
» 2012 World BBoy Championships Final (UK)

» 2015 Club Cultures, Theatre Royal(UK)
» Ande Hellers Afrika Afrika
» Miss Fortune Royal Opera House
» 2012 Olympics opening ceremony (UK)
» Ballet Boyz: The Rite of Spring (BBC3)

» Nike Troupe Shoe Launch
» Adidas Originals