Name: Dr Gabz
Dr.Gabz is one of the founding members of Soul Mavericks since 2005. He started taking an interest in dance from 1999, at the same time he started applying for medical school.

He was the national regional conflict solo champion 2009 and part of the team as the crew champions simultaneously that year. Since then he has continued to help the crew win internationally in events such as IBE, as well as battle of the year central Europe 2013 and 2014, and also been involved with occasional theatre shows.

Currently he continues to work as a full time doctor, and passes on his knowledge and experience to the next generations. Having observed significant changes in the UK bboy scene, he has identified effective and concise training methods, to provide consistent results, drawing both on this martial art and medical knowledge, with his added knowledge on psychology, to address both physical and mental development. His present goal is to pass on the information he has aquired over the years, and well as adapting the knowledge to help extend a dancers competitive life span.

Available for:
» teaching/workshops
» shows
» music videos
» corporate promotion
» commercial shoots
» modelling

Battle Scores:
» 2014 BOTY Central Europe Winner (Switzerland)
» 2013 BOTY Central Europe Winner (Switzerland)
» 2009 Regional Conflict Solo Winner (UK)