Name: *Darkstar* AKA JDK
JDK AKA the galactic warrior *The Darkstar* started breaking 2002 with some friends in school. He was down with Mavericks from the beginning, even though he was in another crew called NT, he would rep with Mavericks from time to time but didn't join officialy until 2010.

Darkstar doesn't have any signature moves, he is more known for his style... the best way to describe it in word...GALACTIC!

Music: SOULECTION, Sango, Kaytranada, Mr.Carmack, J Dilla, D'Angelo, Garage/Grime

Available for:
» shows
» music videos
» corporate promotion
» commercial shoots
» modelling

Battle Scores:
» 2014 All in One Winner (Sweden)
» 2013 BOTY Central Europe Winner (Switzerland)
» 2013 Carnthian X Break Semi Final (Austria)

» 2015 Club Cultures, Theatre Royal(UK)