Name: BGirl Terra
Terra has been breaking since she was 2 years old and held her first headstand when she was just 1 1/2 years old. "I first started dancing after watching my big sister, B-Girl Eddie. My dad trains me and helps me with any routines that are needed, working alongside Soul Mavericks. I like working with my Dad, he is very creative."

Terra gained recognition after her performance at Chelles Battle Pro 2013 where she wowed the crowd with her incredible dance moves at just 6 years old.

Angry Abdul (Soul Mavericks) was judging at a breaking event that she and her sister, B-girl Eddie, entered, he was so impressed by their skills at such a young age he invited the girls to train with the Mavericks. Terra joined Soul Mavericks crew in 2012 and has battled and performed alongside them ever since.

"I continue to progress in my training. I have competed in battles around the world, performed on TV shows, in music videos, at theatre performances and in advertisement campaigns.

I enjoy dancing and I am able to adjust to many dance styles. I really like travelling and performing with my sister B-girl Eddie.

I also want to be a mermaid when I grow up."

Check out BGirl Terra's very own website right here.

Available for:
» shows
» workshops
» music videos
» corporate promotion
» commercial shoots
» modelling

Battle Scores:
» 2015 B.Supreme 5vs5 Winner (UK)
» 2015 B.Supreme 2vs2 Winner (UK)
» 2014 Eurobattle B-Girl 2v2 Winner (Portugal)
» 2014 Full Clip 2v2 Battle Finalist (UK)
» 2014 B.Supreme 2v2 Battle Finalist (UK)
» 2013 Chelles Battle pro Baby Battle Finalist (UK)
» 2013 Unvsti Baby Battle Finalist (France)
» 2013 B.Supreme Bonnie and Clyde Winner (UK)
» 2013 South West Got Rhythm Under 16s Battle Winner (UK)
» 2013 Break The Shire under 16s Battle Finalist (UK)
» 2012 South West Got Rhythm Under 16s Battle Winner (UK)
» 2012 Unvsti Baby Battle Winner (France)
» 2012 King of the BBoys Kids Battle Finalist (UK)
» 2011 Art Breaker Battle Finalist (UK)

» 2015 Move It 10th Year Anniversary (UK)
» 2014 TV total (Germany)
» 2014 Uncle Bens Internet Cooking Show (UK)
» 2014 Battle of The Year (Germany)
» 2014 Legendarios TV Performance (Brazil)
» 2014 Breakin Convention International (UK)
» 2013 Detour Urban dance Festival (Denmark)
» 2013 Breakin Convention International (UK)
» 2013 Pro7 German TV (UK)
» 2013 The Ellen Show performance (LA, USA)
» 2013 R16 Final performance (Korea)
» 2013 Battle of The Year (Germany)

» 2015 Jungle Music Video (UK)
» 2014 I.D magazine Shoot for Diesel (LA, USA)
» 2014 Ellos Kids Commercial (Sweden)
» 2013 Google Brand Cast
» 2013 Jungle Music Video (UK)
» 2013 Kody Neilson Music Video (UK)
» 2013 Sainsburys Commercial (UK)