About the crew
Soul Mavericks crew is formed from a collection of talented individuals with their own style, stories, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and energy.

The meaning behind the name of the collective is significant in nature.
Soul = Essence of the culture
Mavericks = Unorthodox expression

Our aim is to keep the essence of the dance and the culture which it represents in its purest form, whilst striving to create, nurture and evolve our unorthodox style of movement, with an objective to elevate and contribute an original spectacle to the art form.

Soul Mavericks Dance Company
Established in 2005 by UK DJ Renegade, Soul Mavericks' main objective has always been to represent UK Bboying to the highest level. This goal originally began with competing across the UK and internationally in Bboy battles. Their ranks are as diverse in original and age as they are in skill.

To date Soul Mavericks have represented the UK at the World Bboy championships no less than 7 times, accomplished an impressive 1st place win at the 2012 European IBE Championships, 2nd place at the World Championships in 2012 and Semi-finalists in 2014 and have been the UK BBoy Champions 5 times in the last 9 years. Their competitive accolades have also seen them win the UK Battle of the Year (BOTY) Qualifier in 2009, R16 UK 2012, and most recently winning Battle of the Year Central European Qualifier consecutively in 2013 and 2014, enabling them to represent the UK at the world renowned International Battle of the Year 2013 and 2014.

Soul Mavericks exploits have branched into many other facets as performing artists. Numerous members performed as part of the professional cast at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony. They have performed with prestigious companies such as the Ballet Boyz, and the Royal Opera House production Miss Fortune.

In 2013 Soul Mavericks produced their first hip-hop theatre piece "The Maverick" in conjunction with Breakin' Convention's Open Arts Surgery. This in turn lead them to performing their piece at the Breakin' Convention International 10 year anniversary hip-hop dance festival and the Detour International dance festival in Copenhagen. Both receiving 5 star reviews. In 2014 they were a part of Breakin' Convention's 'Back to the Lab', working with Jonathan Burrows to develop ideas which have lead them to making their most recent work "Who Aren't We" performed at Breakin' Convention International 2014.

Soul Mavericks outstanding track record within the competitive international Bboying scene, coupled with their ability to take the art form and adapt it to theatrical and various other performance environments, has made them one of the UK's front runners when it comes to pushing the boundaries of Bboying, all the while staying true to its essence. They are truly innovative, professional and positive ambassadors of UK hip-hop dance culture.